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What we’re about

Code everything you can think of!
You want to know how you can program objects around you? Imagine if your rice cooker can tell if you have enough rice in the cupboard, or get an alert from your mailbox when the post man drops a letter. What about when you are not home your doorbell sends an instant snap of your guest’s face to your mobile phone instant messenger? Internet of Things made simple!

You can code in any language that you are confortable with and get exposed to Python, Micropython, C, LUA, Java, JavaScripts from fellow coders. We will investigate on how to write and upload codes to microcontrollers of various embedded devices so they can talk to one another. We will also explore the different IoT platforms for the cloud, message brokering and the clients.

Free introductory coding classes will run in Carnegie and surrounding suburbs on the weekends. An excellent supplementary club that focuses on the codes behind the creative things you make.